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DIN 1615 St 33 steel pipe

DIN 1615 St 33 steel pipe:

DIN 1615 applies to welded circular tubes and pipes made of St 33 unalloyed steel and with the mechanical properties specified in Table 1. These tubes are not designed to withstand internal pressure stresses. Bending, flanging of the tubes and similar forming processes, and welding are only possible to a limited extent.

DIN 1615 St 33 seamless tubes and pipes for boilers

The boiler tubes are manufactured from materials which are able to withstand high temperatures and high pressures. They must therefore meet the greatest technical requirements of the production process and also the most stringent control regulations in order to guarantee their durability and reliability over a period of time.

Hot rolled seamless carbon and alloy steel tubes and pipes for boilers

DIN 1615 St 33 description:

Standard:  DIN1615 Welded Steel Tubes
Grade:  St33
Out Diameter: 10.2-660 mm

Thickness: 2.0-25.0mm
Application: Boiler, electricity, mechanical, structural,gas cylinder, chemical, offshore and oil service.
Surface Finishing:Anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant with black painting.
Packing: Bundles, seaworthy wooden cases.With or without end caps, varnish or as per clients requirements.

Surface Treatment:

Surface Corrosion proofing water based paint.



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