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EN 10297-1 E235 seamless steel pipe

EN 10297-1 E235 seamless steel pipe

EN 10297-1 Grade E235 carbon Steel Seamless Tubes are also known as mild steel pipes and tubes.EN 10297-1 Grade E235 Tubes are low-cost Low Carbon Steel Tubes with max 017 % carbon content with combination of max 120 % manganese easy to form and shape .These pipes are manufactured as per EN Specification and commercially referred as cs pipes or ms pipes.Low Carbon Steel Pipes are not as hard as hig carbon steel pipes,Though carburizing can increase its surface hardness.

Seamless circular steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes. Technical delivery conditions. Non-alloy and alloy steel tubes

EN 10297-1 Grade E235 Specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless circular tubes made of non-alloy and alloy steels for mechanical and general engineering purposes. Pipe will be supplied in 5-7 metre random lengths with butt-weld ends and varnished to avoid oxidation of the steel when in storage. All pipes are fully certified and traceable with heat numbers hard stamped onto each random length.

Standard: EN 10297-1
Material/Steel Grade:E235, E275, E315, E355
Application: For manufacture of pipelines, vessels, equipment, pipe fittings and steel structures
Size(mm): OD (21.3~219mm) x WT (2~60mm)



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