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EN 10305 E235 seamless steel pipe

EN 10305 E235 seamless steel pipe:

EN 10305 is the standard that specifies the technical delivery conditions for welded cold sized steel tubes of circular cross section for precision applications with specified outside diameter D ≤ 193,7 mm. 12 000 m tube with an outside diameter of 40 mm and a wall thickness of 1,5 mm in accordance with thisdocument, made of steel grade E235 in the normalized condition, pickled, to be delivered in standard lengthsof 6 m with an 3.1 inspection certificate in accordance with EN 10204.12 000 m tubes – 40 x 1,5 – EN 10305-3 – E235+N, S2 – 6 m standard length – Option 20.

The advantage of EN 10305 E235 steel tubes designed for precision applications is their high precision with which they are manufactured, the good quality of their surface, a wide selection of dimensions and guaranteed mechanical and technological properties. It is for those reasons that the pipes are widely used in the mechanical engineering industry and in the automotive industry. Pipes for precision applications are manufactured as cold drawn pipes.

The EN 10305 E235 pipes are manufactured with the diameters between 4 – 120 mm and with the wall thickness of up to 12,5 mm.
The EN 10305 E235 pipes are manufactured without thermal processing or with thermal processing: normalization or annealing.



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