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ISO 3305 R28 seamless steel pipe

ISO 3305 R28 seamless steel pipe:

The ISO 3305 R28 seamless steel pipe are manufactured from materials which are able to

withstand high temperatures and high pressures. They must therefore

meet the greatest technical requirements of the production process and

also the most stringent control regulations in order to guarantee their

durability and reliability over a period of time

Hot rolled seamless carbon and alloy steel tubes and pipes for boilers


Definition of the order

Ordering Information:

- Tubes or pipes product

- Steel grade and heat treatment

- Sizes, wall thickness

- Lengths

- Quantity

- End use

- Norms specifications

Certification: The products are supplied with 3.1 specific test certificates, according to EN 10204. Certification according to 3.2 can be agreed at the time of ordering.

Packing: Pipes may be furnished bare or with Mill coating and with capped ends. In order to prevent rust during sea In order to prevent rust during sea shipment, bundles of tubes may be wrapped with polypropylene sheets, and secured with flat steel bands . Products up to 3" OD will be supplied in bundles. Over 3" OD will be supplied loose

Cut to Size, Galvanizing, Rust Protective Paint, Threading, Odd Sizes, Sand Blasted, Overlay, Colour Coding.

Normalizing, Quench & Tempered, Normalizing & Tempering, Stress Relieved



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